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 My 78 Chevy restomod thread

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My 78 Chevy restomod thread Empty
PostSubject: My 78 Chevy restomod thread   My 78 Chevy restomod thread EmptyMarch 23rd 2012, 3:11 am

Ok I figured I'd start a restomod thread for my 78 for whenever I get it back. I need some opinions anyway. For anyone that doesn't know, I'm starting with a 78 k10. 350, 4 speed 4wd with 110k original miles. I envision the final setup sitting on a 4" super lift system, on 35" mud terrains wrapped around 15x10 Mickey Thompson classic 2's. All sheet metal will be replaced rather than repaired because the parts for it are pretty cheap. It'll be repainted it's original brown color, and the motor will be rebuilt. My goal is to end up with a comfortable and reliable truck I can drive a couple days a week that will also be a backup in case my other truck needs repairs. But I need som opinions. First, for the engine rebuild, should I go back stock, or should I build it up a lil bit? I'm leanin towards makin more power. Next, should I go back with a stock hood? Or should I go with a cowl induction hood? I'm also on the fence about keepin the winch and bumper. Lately I've been thinking that I like these trucks better with the stock bumper, with maybe a pushbar and a set of KC's. What do you guys think? I've decided to keep the cassette player jus for that classic look. I'm basically goin for a showroom lifted truck look, but from the 70's lol. I was born about 15 yrs too late. Let me hear what y'all have to say, I'm tryin to put together a plan for what I want to do.
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My 78 Chevy restomod thread
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