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 Forumotion changes

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PostSubject: Forumotion changes   Forumotion changes EmptyAugust 27th 2009, 3:35 pm

Okay, As the admin, I get a newsletter from the founders of this site. The one I just got may affect us here.

Quote :

Due to the growth of users on this site, forumotion will be doubling its RAM and site performance on our servers!
For the next few days, there may be some issues with logging on, site performance or lag.
These issues are temporary and WILL NOT result in a loss of data.
The upgrades should be finished by the begining of next week.
Thank you for yor patience and for using forumotion.

OKay, so if there are tech issues over the weekend and next few days, please allow some patience as this is an upgrade and update to the forum servers. Once this goes through, further updates and installs MAY be availible for us, so please keep an eye out there.

~Forum Administration

If you cannot find me here, or at work.....  most likely, you will find me on the trails!     

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Some battle with flare, Some beg you to stare,
Some roar like a Bear, Or think that it's rare,
But I say, 'Who cares?' My Jeep's over there,
It may not have flare, but it will drive right over theirs!

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Almost Addicted Member
Almost Addicted Member

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PostSubject: Re: Forumotion changes   Forumotion changes EmptyAugust 27th 2009, 3:59 pm

Sweet but you may want to spell check... "Please allow COME patience" I believe the term is some!! haha just thought you should know!!
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Forumotion changes
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