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 PA All Nationals 16th annual Jeep Show

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PostSubject: PA All Nationals 16th annual Jeep Show    August 2nd 2011, 11:17 am

This was an awesome weekend! Though I did not win anything, I at least have been able to make a list of what needs to be done to make it an even more awesome weekend next year!

Anyways, I know we are picture freaks, so on with the pics! LMAO

Where my Jeep was inline.....

The winner for the ultimate cherokees....

Second place was my mechanic

Did not get a picture for third place.... But here are some random pictures I took through out the day....

Then spent some time on the obsticle course....

Then my favorit part of the day, the RTI ramp. The other cherokees were jealous at my flex, wich made me feel good. This was not classed out though, so its hard to beat the long arm kits on the JK and TJ wranglers.....

But I did not do too bad, scored a 725! could have kept going, however, my rear tire lifted... Sad Need to work on

Then a final pic of my brother, my girl and myself. Tired and sunburnt at the end of the day....LOL

Anyways, it was a ton of fun, glad we could go, and I simply cannot wait for the 17th Annual PA Nationals so I can do it all over again! LMAO

If you cannot find me here, or at work.....  most likely, you will find me on the trails!     

*A word to rice burners*
Some battle with flare, Some beg you to stare,
Some roar like a Bear, Or think that it's rare,
But I say, 'Who cares?' My Jeep's over there,
It may not have flare, but it will drive right over theirs!
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Almost Addicted Member
Almost Addicted Member

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PostSubject: Re: PA All Nationals 16th annual Jeep Show    August 4th 2011, 8:00 pm

looks like fun. That ole jeep of yours flexes pretty good.
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PA All Nationals 16th annual Jeep Show
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