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PostSubject: Newly Sponsored links   Newly Sponsored links EmptyMarch 11th 2011, 11:41 pm

I am sure some members will begin to notice that under the last posts on each thread are links to "related topics".

This is a program sponsored by ForumMotion in an attempt to unite the communities and to increase viewer traffic to each forum. By agreeing to participate in this program will allow our site to be linked on other sites as well. However, these links are to other forums and message boards inside the forumotion community, not our website. So please do not be confused when visiting them and finding different formats on the pages...LOL...

I have agreed to allow participation of this website for the time being to see if it makes a difference. However, having these links on the bottom of our pages does not mean that I am promoting other message boards. In other words, the general rule of answering any OP's questions with encouragement to join other forums is still prohibited.

We here at MTS do not mind links to interesting articles, pictures or videos, (as long as they are clean for the general viewing public), even if this link is to another message board. However, we do ask that you respect this site and its rules.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions about any of the recent changes, like always, you are free to contact myself, or any member of the forum staff.


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Some battle with flare, Some beg you to stare,
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It may not have flare, but it will drive right over theirs!
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