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 Reputation and activity numbers......

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Reputation and activity numbers...... Empty
PostSubject: Reputation and activity numbers......   Reputation and activity numbers...... EmptyJuly 22nd 2010, 11:45 pm

I have gotten a few PM's from some of the newer members over the last few months about what these two fields under your avitar really mean, and how they are tabulated....

Okay, here is the 411....

The activity numbers are an indication of your personal activity on the site. Every time you log onto the site, post a message, start a topic or use one of the features on the site, this number increases by a set degree set into the system. So the more active you are, the higher the number... common sense right? LMAO

The reputation system is a little more interactive. On the upper right hand corner of every post is a +/- set of icons. If you think the poster deserves some points for his post, hit the + sign, if you think the post is worthless to the topic and deserves a negative points deduction, then use the - sign. Use these icons with care. And remember that they are on YOUR posts too. Once a vote is cast, it CANNOT be taken back. As for the amount of points, that is pre-determined based on what forum its in. For example: The chit chat thread carries NO POINTS, where as the How-to thread carries the highest.

The "thanks" button. This is only a ONE time use button, for ONE user ina thread, ONLY usable by the Original poster. This button usually gives double rep points, and changes the background color of the person recieving the thanks. This is also the same as rep votes, once done, it cannot be undone.

These "extras" on the site are more for enjoyment and fun then anything. So use them and enjoy them!


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Reputation and activity numbers......
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